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Appealing Library Charges Policy

Any borrower who wishes to question a Library charge or processing fee should first speak in person with the Circulation Department. If after speaking directly to the Circulation Department, a resolution is not agreed upon, the patron may submit a written appeal.

Appeals for Library charges must be received within six months of the original date of the charge. Appeals for library charges which are older than six months will not be considered.

Appeals based solely on inability to pay and/or disagreement with the fine structure will not be considered in the formal appeal process. Any disagreements of this type should be directed to the Billing Manager.

If an appeal is accepted for consideration, the corresponding charges are temporarily removed from the patron's account. The fine is waived, adjusted or re-posted to the patron's account at the end of the appeals process.

For more information regarding the appeals process, please contact the Circulation Department, 806.742.2265 or