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    The Texas Tech University Library is pleased to announce, an online video-tutorial library featuring software from Adobe, Apple, Microsoft and many more that allows users to learn the latest tools and techniques in business, digital media, design and development. Free access to the all-you-can-learn online software training library is now available from any building on the Texas Tech campus. Simply go to, log in with your eRaider ID, create an account profile and start learning!

    Users can choose from more than 40,000 online video tutorials to learn about digital photography, web design and development, motion graphics, Blackboard, Excel and much, much more.

    The Library has listened to customers’ requests and is excited to offer expanded access to this learning tool after months of negotiations. Be on the lookout for announcements about eRaider access from off campus in the Fall.

    For more information about, contact Ken Chaffin, director of public operations for Library Technology and Management Services, at 742-2238, ext. 259 or

  • is one of the best websites for free 3D Animation training. The website began almost a decade ago and, at first, was completely free. Since then the site has grown to the point that they now offer both free and purchasable training content.

    Free applications training include Blender, 3dsMax, Houdini, The Unreal Game Engine, Programming Maya, Photoshop and much more. All of the training is in the form of video tutorials and are designed for complete beginners to learn all the way up to advanced levels.


Gnomon DVD Library (located inside the 3D Laboratory). Just select the DVD you want and bring the case to the service desk. They will put the media in the case and you are free to use this on any 3D Lab or DMS floor computer.


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