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All libraries participating in the TexShare program share a common goal to promote and facilitate access to information, communication and scholarly research. Participating institutions will extend free reciprocal borrowing privileges to each other's patrons, so they may have direct, personal access to materials that are not available at the home institution. The covenants listed below are intended to accomplish this goal. This agreement became effective August 1, 1995.

The Agreement:


      • The libraries to which this agreement applies are the main and branch libraries constituting each TexShare library.
      • The patrons to whom this agreement applies are the patrons affiliated with any library participating in the TexShare program.
      • The terms faculty, student, staff and community refer to individuals identified and/or defined as such by their home institutions.


Any eligible faculty, students and staff of any TexShare institution may use the collections of any TexShare library on site, and upon completion of the borrower's agreement and with proper identification, borrow materials. Any individual known to have outstanding charges at his/her home library or at another TexShare institution may be denied the right to participate in the TexShare program.

Health science and law libraries whose primary clientele includes faculty, graduate students and/or researchers may limit these privileges to such borrowers.


Eligible patrons will:

      • Obtain and sign the TexShare Card. This constitutes agreement of the program's privileges and obligations.
      • Present appropriate identification as required by this agreement and the lending library.
      • Observe the rules and regulations of the lending library.
      • Return materials in person or by first class, insured mail within the loan period prescribed by the lending library.
      • Return materials immediately in person or by a form of priority mail if recalled by the lending library.
      • Pay fines or any other charges assessed by the lending library, including, but not limited to, charges incurred as the result of a late return, damaged item or loss of materials. See Overdue and Lost Items Policy.


      • Each library will maintain on the TexShare Web a current record of privileges and limitations applicable to this agreement, including collections or types of materials not subject to the borrowing privileges conferred under this agreement, so a prospective borrower may become acquainted with the regulations of the lending library.
      • Eligible borrowers may request from the library at their home institution an authorized TexShare Card to present as identification at other TexShare libraries. Libraries may refuse to issue TexShare Cards to borrowers with outstanding charges at their home library or outstanding charges at any other TexShare library.
      • Lending libraries will take available and appropriate actions, including timely notification to the home library, to recover payment from delinquent borrowers.
      • Home libraries will employ available and appropriate means to recover payment from borrowers if lending libraries are unsuccessful in recovering such charges. Home libraries will take appropriate action with regard to delinquent borrowers, including suspension of privileges extended under this agreement or any other measures deemed appropriate and consistent with local library practice.
      • If lending libraries fail to receive payment from borrowers for lost or damaged materials, home libraries will reimburse lending libraries for obligations outstanding longer than six months. Reimbursement will cover the cost of materials only.


The TexShare Card will be used to identify all eligible borrowers. This card will expire no later than August 31 of the fiscal year of its issuance for faculty and staff and at the end of the semester or other enrollment period in which it is issued for students then enrolled. The card will be signed by the director of the home library (or his/her designee) and the borrower. The lending library may also require other identification and may issue its own identification card to be used in conjunction with the TexShare Card. Borrowed items lent by the lending library after the expiration date established by the home library are the responsibility of the lending library.


Each library will appoint a liaison for the TexShare Library Card Program. Duties of the liaison include promoting the program locally, making available copies of the program's guidelines and other information, insuring that the library's policies with regard to this program are maintained on the TexShare Web, maintaining a supply of TexShare Cards, administering the program at the library, and resolving individual problems. Problems or issues of a broader scope should be among library directors or their designees.


Each library will maintain, to the extent possible, the following statistics:

      • Number of TexShare Cards issued
      • Number of circulation transactions made by TexShare Card holders
      • Number of borrowers from all TexShare libraries
      • Number and monetary value of lost and damaged materials paid for by home libraries

This information will be reported to TexShare staff who will compile these statistics and issue reports on program use on an annual basis.

This agreement will be reviewed annually by the appropriate TexShare Working Group. This group will make recommendations to TexShare staff on any needed modifications to the program.

For more information on TexShare or to request a TexShare Card, please visit the TexShare website or contact the Circulation Desk; (806) 742-2265 or