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Overdue and Lost Items Policy

All items which are borrowed from the Texas Tech University Libraries are the responsibility of the borrower. Each patron should ensure that any items which they have on loan are renewed or returned to the Libraries by the due date specified.

Due dates are stamped inside each item at the time of checkout. The Library is not responsible for notifying borrowers that materials are overdue. Reminders and overdue notices are mailed as a courtesy. Failure to receive reminders or overdue notices does not excuse borrowers from the responsibility of returning or renewing items on time to avoid penalties.

Book returns are cleared daily. Materials returned after the Library closes may not be checked in until the next day that the Library is open. If you have returned an item, but your account still shows it to be on loan to you, please refer to the Claimed Returned Policy.

Patrons may view their Library account via the Online Catalog.

Overdue Policy

Items which are kept beyond the due date are considered to be overdue.  An overdue notice is sent electronically to the patron's email address within two business days.  This notice lists each overdue item (title, call number, loan date, due date).  When there is no email address, this letter is sent through the United States Postal Service.  Patrons are expected to make arrangements for a renewal or a return once this letter is received.

If a Library item is not returned within 21 days from the original due date, it is declared "Lost" and charges are generated. For more information on lost material and the associated charges, please see "Lost Material Policy" below.

Patron Account Information

All information for TTU students, faculty and staff originates in the university's BANNER systems. Patrons are required by the university to maintain the accuracy of these records in the appropriate system. All correspondence from the TTU Libraries Circulation Department will be sent to the email address that is on file with the university. The Library system fully updates every 48 hours from the university's systems.

Returned Mail Policy

Patron accounts which have invalid information are barred from Library privileges until the information is corrected.

Lost Material Policy

If an overdue item is not renewed or returned to the Libraries within 21 days of the original due date, it is declared to be "Lost" and a replacement charge of $115 and a processing fee of $10 is billed to the patron's Library account. These charges will accrue for each individual item which is declared "Lost."

Once an item is declared "Lost," a billing statement is sent electronically to the email address which is maintained in the patron's Library account.  When there is no email address, the letter is sent through the United States Postal Service.

Graduate and Honors students are not exempt from Library fines.

Please refer to the table below for Library fine amounts.

  • DMS Audio/Visual Equipment: Replacement cost of item, $10 processing fee
  • Regular Items, Government Documents, CD/DVD's, Reserve Items, Popular Reading and McNaughton Books, Juvenile Books: $115, $10 processing fee
  • Interlibrary Loan Items: $215 and a $10 processing fee

All Library fines are transferred to TTU Student Business Services daily and are automatically posted to the patron's account in the BANNER system. Please be advised, any charges maintained in the BANNER system may be subject to late payment charges for each 30 day increment of non-payment.

Transactions for community patrons may be referred to an external collections agency if no arrangements are made within 60 days of the original item due date. Library fines for TexShare patrons and reciprocal patrons from local universities are referred to the patron's home library for collection.

Please see "Paying Library Fine" for detailed payment information and instructions.

For information on returning items which have been declared lost, please see "Returning Lost Material" below.

Returning Lost Material

A patron may return an item which has been declared "Lost" to the Libraries at any time. Once the item is returned, the Libraries will issue a credit for the replacement fine within 72 hours of the time of the item's return. Credits will post to the patron's account in the BANNER system at Student Business Services.

Please be advised that the patron will be responsible for the $10 processing fee for each item that was billed.

Architecture Library Fine Information

The Architecture Library has shorter loan periods for its materials, but adheres to all other circulation policies of the University Libraries.  For more information about Architecture Library fines, please contact the Architecture Library.

To inquire about a library fine or overdue item, please contact the University Library Circulation Department:

Telephone: (806)742-2265