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THIS is the Library: Wait, Where are the Books?

You're the architect. You hold the brush. Paint a picture of a library. Does your mind's eye see warm, rich, dark wood enveloping large, tightly billowed cushioned chairs on claw feet... More THIS is the TTU Library

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Open Always

Open Always

It's hard to ignore the demand from 3 million plus visitors each year (more than all of the TTU sporting venues combined) and the outcry that even though they're in your building for longer stretches of... More TTU Library 24/5

Sound Recording Studio

Sound Recording Studio

The addition of professional-grade recording equipment is the University Library's answer to the many requests from students and faculty who need a professional recording studio... More Sound Recording Studio

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Bones on Loan

Read about Bones on Loan

3D Lab Remote Access

Read about 3D Lab Remote Access

Your Donations Could Benefit Students Like Anna

When language barriers are hard to handle, an effective and useful tool for students, faculty and staff at Texas Tech is Mango – a free online
language-learning database provided by the TTU Libraries, featuring 56 different language courses... More Donation Benefits
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Featured Donor: Adelle Bentley Holland

While working as a student assistant in the TTU Library, Adelle Bentley Holland remembers how devastated the librarian Lulu Stein was when the
basement flooded in the 1940s, ruining everything sitting on the floor. They hadn't even had time to look through the... More Adelle Bentley Holland
2010-2011 Donor Appreciation

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