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How do I perform an expert search (CCL)?

Within Command Code Language (CCL), the index name for format is WFM, followed by the two-character format index code.

For example, to search for works by Laura Esquivel that are not motion pictures, enter the search wau = esquivel not wfm = vm.

To search for study tapes in the law library, enter the search wcl = law and wfm = mu.

Below is a complete list of the two letter codes for all searchable formats.

Format Codes for CCL Searching

Format Type Code Includes
Books BK books in paper and microform versions
Computer File CF CD-ROMs and electronic databases
Maps MP maps and atlases
Mixed Materials  MX manuscripts
Music MU sound recordings and musical scores
Serials SE serials in paper and microform versions
Visual Materials VM video recordings, posters, slides, and other visual media