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How do I perform an expert search (CCL)?

Common Command Language (CCL) is the most powerful method to search within IRIS. You may access the CCL search screen from the Advanced Search page.

Although CCL can be used for simple searches, it is an especially effective way to perform complex searches, as it affords you a great deal of control over your search results. To use CCL, enter your desired index code, an equal sign and a term. You may use connectors (and, or, not) when combining more than one term.

Search names are three to five characters and can be entered in either upper or lower case. The search string can be one or more keywords, and you can use truncation and connectors with most.

Search Code Example
Author (words in author) WAU wau = toni morrison
wau = voltaire
Author (Lastname Firstname) (enter complete author or use truncation) AUT aut = allende, isabel
aut = austen?
Call Number LCI lci = hf 1001 f78 2000
Call Number (govt documents) SUD sud = y 4.j 89/2:104-12
Call Number (words in call no.) WLC wlc = hrg
wlc = vietnam
Donor WDO wdo = helen jones foundation
wdo = kraus
ISBN ISBN isbn = 0671522779
isbn = 067152?
ISMN 024 024 = M001128513
024 = M041216126
024 = M041?
ISSN ISSN issn = 00976326
Keywords WRD wrd = legislation water
Music Publisher Number 028 028 = DU 10439
028 = DU10439
028 = DU104?
Notes (words in notes) WNO wno = maltese falcon
Place of publication PLA pla = abilene
Publisher PUB pub = lexis?
Publisher (word in publisher) WPU wpu = michie
Report number (very narrow search) STIDN stidn = B-271491
stidn= 63-D-98-172
Series title SRS srs=spec kit
srs=texas practice
Subject (words in subject) WSU wsu = groundwater utah
Subject (exact subject) SUB sub=time congresses
Subject (LC subject heading) SUL sul=Texas--Literary Collections
sul=Indians of North America
Subject Subdivision SBD sbd=forms
sbd=popular works
Table of Contents (word in contents) WNC wnc = nanotechnology
wnc = nanotech?
wnc = loy and wnc = myrna
Title (words in title) WTI wti = gone wind
Title (exact title) TIT tit = gone with the wind
Title (related title) TRT trt = bible
trt = moby dick
Title (word in serials title) STL stl = mineral
stl = legal and stl = ethics
Title (uniform title) WUT wut=hamlet
Title (limited to 245 field only, enter complete title or use truncation) 245 245 = copyright
245 = copyright?
URL (word in url) WUR wur = gpo
wur = bioone
Year WYR wyr  = 1999
wyr = 1990 -> 2000