Finding Architectural Drawings

Finding Information on Buildings

Use these approaches in searching for information, including illustrations, about particular buildilngs: the building name, the architect, the location (city or country), the time period or style, and the type of building. These can be used in searching the online catalog, the journal indexes, and the indexes to books.


Works of Individual Architects

Publications on the works of individual architects include architectural illustrations. These publications may be found in Reference and the stacks according to each architect's call number area (by country), beginning with NA737 (American architects) through NA1608 (Australian architects).


 NA700-739   North America
 NA1181-1199   Russia
 NA740-749   Canada
 NA1540-1549   China
 NA750-820   Latin America
 NA1550-1559   Japan
 NA830-939   South America
 NA1565-1569   Korea
 NA1041-1053   France
 NA1580-1599   Africa
 NA1059-1088   Germany
 NA1600-1608   Australia


Image Reference Bibliography

Use this bibliography to help identify key reference resources that contain architectural drawings. Use the LC call number assigned to the Reference title to check in the stacks for books on the same topic that may circulate.


Online Images Collections

For online images consult the architecture-related image collections available at the TTU Libraries as well as suggestions for locating architecture images on the web.


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