This year's Faculty Academic Contributions Exhibit’s (FACE) theme, Seeds of Knowledge, is in celebration of Texas Tech's faculty sharing their wisdom and accomplishments as colleagues, researchers, professors and mentors.

Founded on the idea that shared scholarship enriches the academic landscape, this event will showcase faculty excellence and our academic diversity, as well as nurture collaboration and dialogue across a field of disciplines.

Texas Tech’'s rich resource of faculty accomplishments is the reason that our university is gaining momentum within higher education and advancing its reputation in all academic disciplines.

This year's event includes a hands-on, interactive component and will include an enhanced multimedia presence for a more thorough, dynamic and engaging experience. Please join us at the opening reception from 2:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. Oct. 6, 2010, in the Library's Croslin Room.

2010 Exhibits Committee

Tom Rohrig, Government Documents Librarian (Committee Chair)
Donell Callender, Humanities Librarian
Heather Jackson, Acquisitions Specialist
Julie Toland, Assistant Director of Communications & Marketing
Kaley Daniel, Director of Communications & Marketing
Kimberly Vardeman, Reference Librarian
Minerva Alaniz, Social Sciences Librarian
Rob Weiner, Humanities Librarian
Shannon Adams, Graphic Designer
Shelley Barba, Metadata Librarian
Zach Tijerina, Videographer
Kenny Ketner and Matt McKinney, Web Designers