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FACE 2008

Texas Tech University Libraries' Faculty Academic Contributions Exhibit (FACE) has become a campus tradition. Founded on the idea that scholastic enterprise is among the most noble of all endeavors, this annual event recognizes faculty excellence, celebrates academic diversity, and fosters collaboration and dialogue across an array of disciplines.
Faculty and professional staff at TTU Libraries are proud to host the 24th Annual FACE event. This year's theme, Inspire, is exactly what we think Texas Tech's faculty accomplish as researchers, professors, and mentors.
Faculty accomplishment is the reason that Texas Tech is gaining momentum within higher education. Some indicators, including a 20 percent increase in funded research, point to the fact that Texas Tech is broadening its reach and advancing its reputation in the arts and sciences, engineering, architecture, agricultural sciences and natural resources, humanities, visual and performing arts, and other disciplines.


In 2007, a record number of faculty members participated in the FACE program, submitting the largest collection of scholarly works to date. This year's event promises to be just as successful. The addition of multimedia presentations also will make this year's event dynamic and engaging.
We invite you to take part in the 2008 exhibit by visiting www.library.ttu.edu/face2008/. Fill out the online entry form and reserve your place.
All articles, books, presentations, research projects, works of art, musical scores, films, etc., must have been completed between Feb. 1, 2007, and
May. 1, 2008. May 28 is the final deadline for all submissions. We regret that submissions made after this date will not be accepted.