Please read the following entry guidelines before submitting your registration form.

This exhibition is open to all full and part-time Texas Tech University faculty.

Work Eligibility
Any area of inquiry is eligible, regardless of whether you have completed/published your scholarly work. We only ask that your entry fall within the timeframe of February 1, 2006 and February 1, 2007.  Eligible items for submitted works include but are not limited to: books, journal articles, reports, musical scores, screenplays, films/podcasts/webcasts, artwork in a variety of mediums, software programs, patents/trademarks, scientific discoveries, and other original works. If you have a question about whether your work is appropriate for this particular exhibit, please drop us a note at:

Entry Fee
There is no fee to enter FACE.

Publicity Release
A selection of works may be reproduced for publicity purposes. TTU Libraries reserve the right to photograph and reproduce entry material.

Invitations to the Exhibit Opening
The Libraries will sponsor an opening reception on April 25, 2007 from 2 to 4 p.m. in the Croslin Room of the University Library. An electronic invitation to the exhibit opening will be distributed to TTU faculty.

How to Enter Your Work in FACE 2007

Simply complete the electronic form provided on this website and hit "submit". You will then receive a confirmation e-mail from the FACE Committee, which essentially secures your place in the exhibit. If you do not receive a confirmation in 5 business days, please contact us at: (Remember to fill out a separate form for each entry). We prefer faculty to use the electronic form if possible; however, if you prefer to submit your entry/entries in paper form, mail your submissions to:

FACE Committee
c/o Tom Rohrig
University Libraries
Mail Stop 0002

Abstract of Your Work
The electronic submission form includes an area for an abstract describing the essence of your submission (200 words or less).

Biographical Sketch
Also include a brief biographical sketch (100 words or less).

Delivery of Physical Items to University Library
This year's exhibit focuses on the representation of scholarly work in a multimedia showcase. A FACE Committee representative will work closely with you to scan, photograph or otherwise duplicate your entry in some fashion. Some may choose to film a brief video, others may want to simply see a listing and photograph depicting the work. Regardless, we will remain open to ideas about how your scholarly work is presented in the 2007 FACE program.

2007 FACE Committee

Chair: Donell Callender, Interlibrary Loan Librarian

  • Minerva Alaniz, Social Sciences Librarian
  • Jack Becker, Interim Head-Information Services
  • Briana Childress, Coordinator-Development, Communications
  • Lisa Gonzales, Senior Library Specialist 
  • Bill McDonald, Special Projects Unit Coordinator
  • Tom Rohrig, Government Documents Coordinator
  • Chris Starcher, Digital Media Studio Librarian
  • Carrye Syma, Social Sciences Librarian
  • Jake Syma, Social Sciences Librarian
  • Jeff Whitley, Director of TTU Libraries Office of External Relations

Assistance Provided by:

  • Monika Sobolewska, Design Communications-TTU