University Library FACE 2006 2006 Entries- Library

22nd Annual Faculty Academic Contributions Virtual Exhibit


The following items, arranged by the author's last name, were part of the 2006 exhibit:


"Art work from the exhibit "Captain Cook And The Spirit of Discovery"

Bruce Cammack, Associate Librarian for Rare Books

Bio: Since my arrival at Texas Tech University in 1987, one of my missions and passions has been to lower as many barriers between the holdings of Rare Books and the public. The Science Spectrum Exhibit provided an ideal venue, presenting to the people of the South Plains the opportunity to examine, enjoy and learn from a gathering of maps, prints, and artifacts, many of which were over 200 years old and literally from the other side of the world.

Abstact: Interactive world map displayed at the Science Spectrum, Lubbock, Texas illustrating Captain James Cook 's three voyages to the Pacific (1768-1779). Original map provided by Rare Books, TTU Libraries. Panel and stand created by the following Science Spectrum staff: Elton Prater, Greg Watson, Leroy Gomez and Brad Sumner.

"Conserving the Diaries of Dr. Đặng Thùy Trâm"

Sara Holmes, Assistant Archivist and Conservator for Special Collections

Bio: Sara Holmes is Conservator for Special Collections and heads the Hoblitzelle Conservation Lab in the University Libraries. She received her M.L.S. and a Certificate of Advanced Study in Conservation of Library and Archival Materials from the University of Texas. She is also a certified archivist and has previously treated documents and materials ranging from court suits filed by slaves in bids to secure their freedom to the personal papers and notebooks of UT Tower sniper Charles Whitman.

Abstact: The diaries of Dr. Đặng Thùy Trâm were originally recovered and kept by American G.I. Frederick Whitehurst during the Vietnam War. Donated to the Vietnam Archive in 2005, the diaries required reattachment of boards and a few leaves. Most challenging was the design of an archival housing using appropriate materials that would meet the needs of preserving the books while honoring Dr. Trâm’s memory at the same time. Adapting Asian-styled book case traditions to the needs of the diaries, a single box was created to house both volumes as well as a small portfolio made to house the paper-cut stencil found inside one of the diaries.

"West Texas Historical Association Yearbook," vol. 81 (2005)

Monte Monroe, Assistant Archivist, Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library

Bio: Monte L. Monroe is the Editor of the West Texas Historical Association Year Book.  He works as the Southwest Collection Archivist at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library.  Monroe is also an Adjunct Professor of Texas History at Texas Tech.

Abstact: The Year Book is the official research organ of the West Texas Historical Association.  It is the second oldest learned journal in the state, dating from the inception of the organization in 1923.  Juried articles in the publication, written by both lay and professional historians, chronicle the history, culture, economy, military, environment, and politics of the vast region in Texas that is west of the 98th meridian.

"Elizabeth Boyle (Aunt Hank) Smith," Writing On The Wind: An Anthology of West Texas Women Writers

Janet Neugebauer, Associate Archivist, Southwest Collection/Special Collection Library

Bio: Janet Neugebauer is an archivist at the Southwest Collection, where she has worked for the past twenty-eight years. She is in charge of the Photo Processing/Special Projects Unit. Her current project mainly concerns writing a biography of George H. Mahon, the first representative from the 19th Congressinal District, who served for forty-four years. She has also published books relaing to farming and ranching history. Walt McDonald, Texas Poet Laureate in 2001, collaborated with Janet on two books that paired his peoms with historical photographs from the Southwest Collection. She has received two citations for her books from the San Antonio Conservation Society and a Western Heritage Award from the National Cowboy Hall of Fame.

Abstact: For years the story of Elizabeth Boyle (Aunt Hank) Smith was interwoven with that of her husband, Henry Clay (Uncle Hank) Smith. This was acceptable to her, but when her story is winnowed out it provides an insight into how pioner women dealt with West Texas. They had to be strong to survive and carve out a home here. More often than not, like Aunt Hank, they did more than survive, they thrived. This is the story of a woman whose spirit grew to fill the wide-open spaces, whose determination was as strong as the wind, and who developed ingenious ways of coping with hardships. Through it all her personality became as colorful as the fire-like glow of a West Texas sunset, and it shaped a culture and way of life that could thrive in this big, lonesome land.

"A Dramaturgical Perspective on Academic Librarianship," Portal: Libraries and the Academy, vol. 5 no. 3 (2005): 329-352

Brian Quinn, Associate Librarian and Coordinator of Collection Development

Abstact: Although many social sciences theories have been applied to the field of library and information science, one theory that has received relatively little attention is dramaturgy. The dramaturgical perspective posits that social life is inherently theatrical in nature. When applied to the academic library setting, both librarians and library users are seen as performers who play a variety of roles in front stage and backstage areas within the library. They strive to deliver convincing performances to their respective audiences by engaging in various forms of impression management.

"Enhancing Academic Library Performance Through Positive Psychology," Journal of Library Administration, vol. 42 no. 1 (2005): 79-101

Brian Quinn, Associate Librarian and Coordinator of Collection Development

Abstact: Positive psychology is an important new trend in the field of psychology that may have significant implications for academic libraries. Like the field of psychology, academic librarianship has traditionally focused a substantial amount of attention on problems within the field and on how to solve them. Positive psychology offers a viable alternative by focusing on the strengths and potential of librarians rather than weaknesses. Taking a positive approach to librarianship and fostering a positive culture within academic libraries may result in a variety of benefits to the organization including improved attendance, productivity, and retention of staff.

"Web-Based Reference Resources for the Social Sciences," The Reference Collection: From the Shelf to the Web

Brian Quinn, Associate Librarian and Coordinator of Collection Development

Bio: Brian Quinn is Social Sciences Librarian and Coordinator of Collection Development at Texas Tech University Libraries. He is the author of numerous articles in the field of library and information science. Brian is a member of the editorial board of Internet Reference Services Quarterly. He is active in the Association for Library Collections and Technical Services. His primary research interest is exploring the psychosocial aspects of libraries and information seeking.

Abstact: With the growth of the World Wide Web has come a proliferation of online reference sources. Some of these are electronic versions of already existing paper sources, while others have no paper counterpart. Many of the best reference resources found on the Web are subscription-based, but a surprising number of quality resources are available free. The vastness of the Web makes it difficult to provide a comprehensive and exhaustive survey of all the resources that are currently available. This article attempts to identify some of the most significant resources across the social sciences.

"John Haines biographical essay"

Diane Warner, Librarian, Southwest Collection, Special Collections Library

Bio: Diane Warner works at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library. She earned her Ph.D. in English-Creative Writing from TTU in 2001.

Abstact: A brief biographical essay about John Haines, Alaska poet and homesteader.

"Molly Peacock biographical essay"

Diane Warner, Librarian, Southwest Collection, Special Collections Library

Abstact: A brief biographical essay about the American formalist poet Molly Peacock.

"Pattiann Rogers biographical essay"

Diane Warner, Librarian, Southwest Collection, Special Collections Library

Abstact: A brief biography about American nature poet Pattiann Rogers.

"William Kloefkorn biographical essay"

Diane Warner, Librarian, Southwest Collection, Special Collections Library

Abstact: A brief biographical essay about Nebraska poet William Kloefkorn.