University Library FACE 2006 2006 Entries- Honors College

22nd Annual Faculty Academic Contributions Virtual Exhibit


The following items, arranged by the author's last name, were part of the 2006 exhibit:

""Gender, Nationalism, and Science in Hannah More 's Pedagogical Plays for Children," in Culturing the Child: 1690-1914.

Marjean Purinton, Professor in English & Assistant Dean of University Honors College

Bio: Marjean D. Purinton is Professor in English and Assistant Dean of the University Honors College. She also teaches in the Women 's Studies Program. Her scholarship focuses on British Romantic Drama, feminist theory, and pedagogical issues.

Abstact: This essay demonstrates how Hannah More 's SACRED DRAMAS use gender to articulate nationalism, imperialism, the supernatural, and science with their powerful relationships between the governance of the nation and the governance of the pasions. The dramas are simultaneously moral and political enactments and turn theatre into a pedagogical site for young audiences. The dramatic texts for this essay are found in the 1838 COLLECTED WORKS OF HANNAH MORE in the Southwest Special Collections at Texas Tech University.