University Library FACE 2006 2006 Entries- Graduate School

22nd Annual Faculty Academic Contributions Virtual Exhibit


The following items, arranged by the author's last name, were part of the 2006 exhibit:

"Responding to Prisoner Reentry, Recidivism, and Incarceration of Inmates of Color: A Call to the Communities," Journal of Black Studies, vol. 35 no. 5, May 2005:  633-649

Ralph Ferguson, Associate Academic Dean

Bio: Dr. Ralph Ferguson is the Executive Director for Enrollment Management and Associate Academic Dean in the Graduate School at Texas Tech University.  He manages the academic affairs of over 4000 domestic and international students.  Dean Ferguson is an effective advocate for programs that enrich the quality of undergraduate and graduate experience.  Dean Ferguson speaks frequently to groups about the impact of the rising cost of education, personal financial planning and debt, globalism, and disfranchisement.

Abstact: The article introduces a systematic model for rehabilitation that used the expungement procedure, a preexisting statute, as a tool to reduce incarceration and recidivism and help probationers succeed in their reentry into mainstream society as taxpaying citizens and concomitantly alleviate the burden on taxpayers for maintaining prisoners. It culminates with a call t the African American and Hispanic communities to partner with penal system and lawmakers to find solutions to the devastating effects of increasingly high imprisonment, recidivism, and prison reentry rates of inmates of color on children, families, and communities.