University Library FACE 2006 2006 Entries- Architecture

22nd Annual Faculty Academic Contributions Virtual Exhibit


The following items, arranged by the author's last name, were part of the 2006 exhibit:

"The Pious Guide and Early American Catholicism," Sacred Architecture, 10 (2005): 26-30.

Matthew Gallegos, Assistant Professor in Architecture

Bio: A native of Colorado 's San Luis Valley, Dr. Gallegos is an Assistant Professor in the College of Architecture. His scholarship regarding Roman Catholic church architecture has been widely recognized. He currently is researching the architectural patronage of the Cyrus McCormick family and Catholic Church architecture in the United States between 1880 and 1945. Dr. Gallegos is a mentor in the TTU Mentor Tech program and president of the Notre Dame Club of West Texas and Eastern New.

Abstact: One of first English language prayer books written and published in the United States for use by the Catholic laity was The Pious Guide to Prayer and Devotion (1792). This publication functioned as the layman s guidebook for observing the seven sacraments and other religious devotions. As Catholic churches generally provided the physical context for these rituals and devotions, The Pious Guide served not only as the layman s script for behavior within Catholic churches, it also revealed early American Catholic church architectural and decorative design requirements. This article correlates the architectural implications of The Pious Guide s text with Catholic theology and dogma.

"Bebop SPACES"

Bennett Neiman, Associate Professor in Architecture

Bio: Professor Neiman has received several honors for a series of architectural design projects and teaching involving improvisation, order, and variation on a theme. His work exploits the strengths of both traditional and digital media. He earned the American Institute of Architects Education Honors Award in 1994 and 1998 for this work. He received the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture Faculty Design Award, in 1990 for Surrealistic Landscapes and in 2005-2006 for bebop SPACES.

Abstact: Bebop SPACES is a theoretical investigation inspired by the bebop performance entitled Leap Frog, by Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie. The drawings feature a series of improvisational layers, one portion interacting and superseding the other. Representations of space, line, volume, and texture are implied in the music. The designer can extract from the process at any time, allowing for the experiential interpretation of space from two-dimensional drawings into three dimensions at any scale, as a detail, as a building, or as an urban design.

Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture 2005-2006 Faculty Design Award

"drafting grounds: reassembling the construction drawings for Expo '67"

Brian Rex, Assistant Professor of Architecture

Bio: Coordinator of seconf year design studios. Director of the Montréal Summer Study Program. Previously taught at U. Colorado and U. Nebraska. Attended Dallas County Community Colleges, UT-Arlington, Carleton U., and Columbia U.

Abstact: This board represents the first public representation of some of the 35,000 drafted drawings and images used to design and build Expo '67--the 1967 World's Fair held in Montréal, Quebec. The buildings of Expo '67 may no longer exist but the architecture is here and clear in this mass of drawings and specifications.