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Exhibit Entry Guidelines

Please read the entry guidelines below before submitting the registration form.

This exhibition is open to all Texas Tech University  faculty.

Work Eligibility
It is the aim of the TTU Libraries to organize and display an accurate, comprehensive representation of the research and scholarly output of our University faculty. To that end, all items submitted by TTU faculty members will be considered by the Exhibit Committee. Only works completed/published between March 1, 2004 and February 1, 2005 will be considered for this year's exhibition. Eligible items for submitted works include but are not limited to: music scores, screen plays, artwork in a variety of mediums, software programs, patents and trademarks, scientific discoveries and other original works, and published works such as books and journal articles. If you have a question about whether your work is appropriate for this particular exhibit, please contact a member of the Exhibit Committee.

Entry Fee
There is no fee to enter this exhibition.

Publicity Release
A selection of photos of accepted items may be reproduced for educational and/or publicity purposes. The Texas Tech University Library reserves the right to photograph and reproduce, in color or black & white, all works accepted for the Exhibit. Selection of these images will be left to the discretion of the Exhibit Committee.

Invitations to the Exhibit
The Libraries will sponsor an opening reception on April 1, 2005 from 2:00pm to 4:00pm in the Croslin Room of the University Library. An invitation to the opening and the Exhibit will be available to each faculty member whose work has been accepted. Additional invitations for personal mailing may be requested by the participant upon delivery of the exhibit items.

The receipt of a submission form by the participant for the 21st Annual Faculty Academic Contributions Exhibit will act as an agreement to the conditions above.

Steps to Enter the Exhibit

Complete the Submission Form
To have your work considered for the Exhibit, complete the submission form. (Please complete a separate form for each item you would like to be displayed in this year's exhibit.) Submission forms must be completed and returned to Tom Rohrig, Government Documents/Maps MS 0002 by February 11, 2005 . Late entries will not be accepted.

You may complete the online form or print the form and mail it. If mailing, please send the completed form, along with a written abstract of your item to:

"Thinking Outside the Book"
Tom Rohrig
Government Documents/Maps
University Library, MS 0002.

Submission forms may also be dropped off at the University Library, Library Basement - Government Documents/Maps Desk. You will be contacted by a member of the Exhibit Committee to confirm their receipt of your submission and the status of its acceptance. Returning the completed submission form does not guarantee acceptance in the Exhibit. Due to limited display space, safety considerations or other concerns, some items may not be included in the exhibition. Other items may be included in the Exhibit roster and website, but not be physically displayed in the University Library, due to similar concerns.

Abstract of Your Work
Please include an abstract describing the submitted item(s) with all submission forms (up to 100 words). We regret that submission forms received without an accompanying abstract cannot be considered for the exhibition.

Biographical Information
Please include a brief biography with your submission form (up to 75 words). We regret that submission forms received without an accompanying biography cannot be considered for the exhibition.

Deliver Items to the University Library
Delivery of accepted items is the participants' responsibility. Accepted works should be delivered to the University Library – Library Basement - Government Documents/Maps Desk beginning January 10 and no later than  February 11, 2005 . If you have questions or need assistance with the delivery of your item(s), please contact Donell Callender (; (806)742-4785 ext. 331). All items must be clearly numbered (1, 1 of 2, 2 of 2, etc.) and labeled on the back with:

- Submitter's name & department
- Title of work
- Date
- Medium
- Dimensions
- Approximate weight of item
- If artwork, indicate "top" of artwork on each piece

Be sure that you have read, understand and agree to the rules and conditions for entry in the 21st Annual Faculty Academic Contributions Exhibit.


   Committee Members:

Assistance Provided by:
            Lyn Stoll, Exhibits Preparator




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