2004 Faculty Academic Contributions Exhibit 2004 Virtual Exhibit 2004 Entries- art

20th Annual Faculty Academic Contributions Virtual Exhibit- Visual and Performing Arts

  The following items were part of the 2004 exhibit.  Items not donated are the personal property of Texas Tech University faculty and are not owned by the Texas Tech University Libraries.


Wearable art entitled Threads

Melinda Adams, Visiting Assistant Professor of Merchandising, Environmental Design, and
Consumer Economics

Texas Tech College of Human Sciences

Abstract: Threads  is a combination of different fabric manipulation and dyeing techniques. The common theme for the piece is the threads which run thoughout the layers of the garment. Similar to life, there are series of threads that make up our lives. The threads in the garment represent the various threads of our lives and how they mingle together.

Play entitled "America Shows Her Colors"

Norman Bert, Professor of Theatre and Dance

Texas Tech College of Visual & Performing Arts

Abstract: Winner of the 2003 INNER VOICES Social Issues Theatre program of University of Illinois, "America Shows Her Colors " deals with what it's like for a person of color to be a student in the United States. Much of the half-hour play consists of thoughts of actual students about their situation. The play also includes two documentary scenes, based on 19th century newspapers, that show the roots of anti-Asian racism in frontier America. This imagistic, poetic play gives a voice to the colors of America.

Play entitled "Scenes from a Romance"

Norman Bert, Professor of Theatre and Dance

College: Texas Tech College of Visual & Performing Arts

Abstract: The book of the Hebrew prophet Hosea uses the painful relationship of the prophet and his wife, a prostitute, as an analogy of God's relationship with Israel. In "Scenes from a Romance", Joe, a theology student, falls in love with Margo, a stripper, and marries her. A year later, she leaves him to become a prostitute. The play follows their relationship as it develops. Poetry from Hosea juxtaposes their romance with the biblical story. "Scenes from a Romance" is a play about faithfulness and self-doubt, hope and despair, love and alienation. Ultimately, it's a play about a God who attaches himself to humankind and then has to deal with the consequences.


Lighting design for the TTUT production of "The Grapes of Wrath"

Andrea Bilkey, Assistant Professor of Lighting and Sound Design

Texas Tech College of Visual & Performing Arts

Abstract: A collage of work relating to the production of the lighting for Texas Tech University Theatre's production of The Grapes of Wrath including: research, lighting schematic, and production photographs.


Scenic design for the TTUT production of  The Grapes of Wrath 

Frederick Christoffel, Theatre and Dance Chair

Texas Tech College of Visual & Performing Arts

Abstract: This submission includes photographs, models, sketches, research, and concept statement for the Department of Theatre and Dance's Mainstage production of The Grapes of Wrath,produced by the department in April 2003. Unlike other areas, even those in the arts, theatre is a collaborative art which relies on a shared vision by many different artists, expressed within the constricts of a written script and presented by performers for an audience to interpret however they choose. As the scenic designer I am responsible for the creation of the environment that the play happens in. My source material for this inspiration is varied and includes but is not limited to the script, other designers and director, personal experiences and observation, historical research, and music. My job is to meld all that input into a cohesive environment that is congruent with that of my fellow collaborators.


Architectural and interior design entitled A New Sigma Chi Fraternity House

Don Collier, Assistant Professor of Interior Design

Texas Tech College of Human Sciences

Abstract: The purpose of this project was to design, promote, and build a new fraternity house for the Eta Tau Chapter of the Sigma Chi fraternity at Stephen F. Austin University in Nacogdoches, Texas. The pervious fraternity house was inappropriate for the current needs of an organization of sixty-five college-age men. The goals were: to develop a new home in a fraternity-friendly environment, to produce an environment suitable for both membership and social development, to provide housing for up to 16 members, and to design a facility that was both durable and elegant on a small budget.


Art entitled "Shaded & Clear"

Carol Flueckiger, Assistant Professor of Art

Texas Tech College of Visual & Performing Arts

Abstract: This painting titled Shaded & Clear is part of an ongoing series of paintings. In this series weathered surfaces inspire the textured quality of the paintings. Much time is spent drawing, painting, sanding, bleaching and dyeing in an effort to mimic weather patterns expressed through wind, rain, erosion and sunlight. Still-life and botanical images weave in and out of background colors in a figure/ground interplay.  In connection to the atmospheric emphasis in my work titles such as Shaded & Clear, Becoming Breezy and Chances of Rain are taken from the daily weather forecast.


Costume design for "Love of the Nightingale"

Melissa Merz, Assistant Professor of Theatre and Dance 

Texas Tech College of Visual and Performing Arts

Abstract: The Love of the Nightingale was presented in the Maedgen Theatre February 26, 2004. This contemporary play was based on a Greek myth. It was the desire of the production team to have costumes that included movement, but were also versatile. The actors played several different roles, and the costumes needed to reflect the various characters without drastic changes. The play included a "play within the play" that was done in a traditional Greek theatrical dress.

Video entitled "International Adoption: Changing Culture One Child at a Time"

Videographer: Judy Oskam, Associate Professor of Mass Communications

Texas Tech College of Arts & Sciences

Abstract: This 26 minute television program spotlights the issues surrounding international adoption. Through on-camera interviews and video shot on location in West Texas and in China, the video features interviews with Texas Tech University child development professionals, adoptive parents and their children. The program explores culture, language, race and identity. -Award of Distinction - 2003 Communicator Awards Video Competition -Bronze Telly Award - 2004


Musical piece entitled "Miniatures for Trombone Quartet"

Mary Jeanne van Appledorn, Paul Whitfield Horn Professor of Music

Texas Tech College of Visual & Performing Arts

Abstract: Miniatures for Trombone Quartet is a musical piece written for a trombone quartet.