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Scholarly Communications

Scholarly communication is the process by which authors produce works of scholarship and share them among themselves.  Academic libraries play a key role in this process.

As a wise person once said, "Research is not truly complete until it is shared".

As research becomes more complicated and increasingly expensive to share, scholars are finding new and innovative ways to share their research results with others.  Research Libraries, like those that are a part of the Texas Tech University Library system, are assisting scholars in communicating their results with others. The Faculty Academic Contributions Exhibit is just one way TTU Libraries assist Tech faculty in sharing their research results.

Another way the TTU Libraries assist in scholarly communication is through our affiliation with the Scholarly Publishing and Resources Coalition (SPARC).  SPARC is a coalition of university libraries that electronically publish moderately priced, high quality journals in scholarly fields, mostly in the sciences.  The Texas Tech Library system is also a member of the prestigious Association of Research Libraries (ARL). Through its campaign "Create Change" the ARL monitors rapidly rising costs of academic serials and helps Research Libraries combat the impact of inflated serial costs on library budgets.

The TTU Libraries also offer services to patrons which help scholars share their research results. These services include Document Delivery, Electronic Delivery and Information Services.

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