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Exhibit Participants

(in alphabetical order)

Ms. Melinda AdamsThreads
Dr. Judith Atcheson - "Leadership: Rudy Giuliani's Lessons from Life, Law, and 9/11" (A Book Review)
Professor Ken Baake - "Archaeology Reports: When Context Becomes an Active Agent in the Rhetorical Process"
Professor Ken BaakeMetaphor and Knowledge: The Challenges of Writing Science
Professor Alwyn BarrThe African Texans
Dr. Laura BeardIntertexts:Vol. 7 No. 1 Spring 2003
Dr. Laura Beard - "Discordant Identities and Disjunctive Authority in a Perverse Narrative: Julieta Campos' Tiene los cabellos rojizos y se llama Sabina"
Dr. Laura Beard - "Whose Life in the Mirror? Examining Three Mexican Telenovelas as Cultural and Commercial Products"
Dr. Norman BertAmerica Shows Her Colors
Dr. Norman BertScenes from a Romance
Professor Andrea Bilkey - Lighting Design for TTUT production of The Grapes of Wrath
Dr. Stephen BogenerDitches Across the Desert
Dr. Stephen BogenerLubbock: Gem of the South Plains
Professor Bryan Camp - "Tax Administration as Inquisitorial Process & the Partial Paradigm Shift of the IRS Restructuring and Reform Act of 1998"
Dr. Sankar ChatterjeePosture, Locomotion, and Paleoecology of Pterosaurs
Professor Frederick Christoffel - Scenic Design for The Grapes of Wrath
Professor Clarke CochranCatholics, Politics, and Public Policy: Beyond Left and Right
Professor Don Collier - "A New Sigma Chi Fraternity House"
Dr. Daniel CookeA Concise Introduction to Computer Languages
Dr. David CordellFundamentals of Investments for Financial Planning
Dr. Julie Nelson Couch - "Howard Pyle's Story of King Arthur and His Knights and the Bourgeois Boy Reader"
Professor Dennis CovingtonRedneck Riviera: Armadillos, Outlaws, and the Demise of an American Dream
Dr. Phil Dennis - "Cocaine in Miskitu Villages"
Dr. Phil Dennis - "Higher Education on Nicaragua's Multicultural Atlantic Coast"
Professor Gary FiremanNarrative and Consciousness: Literature, Psychology, and the Brain
Dr. Colleen Fitzgerald - "Word Order and Discourse Genre in Tohono O'odham"
Professor Carol FlueckigerShaded & Clear
Dr. Eric FrankelThe Handbook of Food-Drug Interactions
Mr. Stephen Good - "Library Prophets and Library Pornographers: Some Problems That Arise When We Talk About Libraries and the Web"
Professor Grant HallSan Sab: Royal Fort-Apache Mission
Dr. Safei HamedA Bestowed Trust: Islam and Ecology
Dr. Saif Haq - "Human Ability and Spatial Intelligibility: Sketch Mapping, Wayfinding and Environmental Cognition."
Dr. Saif Haq - "Investigation of Space Syntax Methods Through Wayfinding in Hospital Buildings."
Dr. Fred HartmeisterSchool Officials and the Courts: Update 2003
Dr. David Haukos - "What is a Playa?"
Dr. Ann Hawkins - "Marguerite, Countess of Blessington and L.E.L.: Evidence of Friendship"
Dr. Ann Hawkins - "Scholarly Approaches to Children's and Adolescent Literature"
Dr. Ann Hawkins - "Speaking Women, Writing Women: Identity and Voice in an Age of Revolution"
Dr. Jon Hufford - "From Library--College to Information--Literacy: An Evolving Strategy for Educating Library Users."
Professor Stephen JonesAll the Beautiful Sinners
Professor Stephen JonesThe Bird is Gone: A Manifesto
Dr. Kenneth Ketner - "Peirce, Clifford and Quantum Theory"
Dr. Kenneth KetnerQuantum Switches and Circuits
Dr. David LarmourIntertexts: Vol. 7 No. 1 Spring 2003
Dr. Yanzhang Ma - "High-pressure high-temperature x-ray diffraction of beta boron to 30 Gpa"
Professor Ted McVayNarrative and Consciousness: Literature, Psychology, and the Brain
Ms. Melissa Merz - Costume designs for Love of the Nightingale
Dr. Kevin MulliganMap of the Llano Estacado
Dr. Sharon NellIntertexts: Vol. 7 No. 1 Spring 2003
Dr. Jose OlascoagaHistoric Development of the Convent of St. Dominique at Lima, Peru (1535-2003)
Dr. Judy OskamInternational Adoption: Changing Culture One Child at a Time
Professor Robert Perl  - Perl's Architecture Weblog
Dr. Marilyn PhelanNonprofit Organizations Law and Policy
Dr. John PochPoems
Dr. Kevin Pope - "Age specific patterns in density-dependent growth of white crappie"
Dr. Marjean Purinton - "Pedagogy and Passions: Teaching Joanna Baillie's Dramas"
Dr. Marjean Purinton - "Teaching the Gothic Novel and Dramatic Adaptations"
Professor Brian Quinn - "Overcoming Psychological Obstacles to Optimal Online Search Performance"
Professor Jorge Alberto Ramirez - "Iraq War: Anticipatory Self-Defense or Unlawful Unilateralism"
Professor Alan Reifman - "Measuring School Spirit: A National Teaching Exercise"
Professor Brian T. Rex - "Everyday Geometrics"
Professor Brian T. Rex - "Declining Curtis"
Dr. Juliann Scholl - "The Use of Humor in Promoting Positive Provider--Patient Interactions in a Hospital Rehabilitation Unit"
Dr. Yih-Jiun Shen - "Perceptions of Play Therapy in Taiwan: The Voices of School Counselors and Counselor Educators"
Dr. Sue Shore - "What is a Playa?"
Professor Loren SmithPlayas of the Great Plains
Professor Loren Smith - "What is a Playa?"
Dr. Julie Thomas - "What is a Playa?"
Dr. Mary Jeanne van AppledornMiniatures for Trombone Quartet
Dr. Diane WarnerBarry Lopez Bibliography
Professor James WatkinsAlternative Kilns & Firing Techniques
Dr. William WentheNot Till We Are Lost
Dr. William WestneyThe Perfect Wrong Note: Learning to Trust Your Musical Self
Dr. Gene Wilde - "Lure-size Restrictions in Recreational Fisheries"
Dr. Ke Zhang - "Online Collaboration and Problem Solving"


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