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Brief History

The Faculty Academic Contributions Exhibit

(Formerly known as the Annual Faculty/Staff Book Exhibit)

2002-2003 Faculty/Staff Book Exhibit

Row 1 (sitting):  Julian Perez, Robert Beckley, Jerome Koch, Steven Richards, Peder Christiansen, John Howe
Row 2: Robert Hu, Sharon Nell, Claudia Sadowski-Smith, David Larmour, Laura Beard, Deborah House, Safei Hamed
Row 3:  Bill Marcy, Donald Haragan, Don Dyal, John McGlone

Under the direction of the current dean, Dr. Donald Dyal, the 20th Annual Faculty Academic Contributions Exhibit has marked the broadening of entry guidelines beyond that of published books and articles. This was done to recognize the great diversity of academic contributions by Texas Tech University faculty. This year, research projects, copyrights, patents and trademarks, and works of art have been added along with books and articles. Thus, this year's exhibition is entitled, “Thinking Outside the Book.” The tradition of exhibiting faculty works began 20 years ago with Dr. E. Dale Cluff, then Dean of Libraries. His idea to recognize TTU authors transformed into an exhibition of books entitled "The Texas Tech University Faculty/Staff Book Exhibit" that lasted from April 9 to May 11, 1984. This tradition has continued to the present day.

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